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Implementing journaling into the life coaching process enriches the client experience in a profound and unparalleled way. Journals can be associated with specific groups, includes alerts and is integrated into our communication system.

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Combined with these Services
Actively Manage a single or group of clients complete with homework, journaling, scheduling / alerts and group messaging. In addition, completely auotmated Self-Guided courses allow members to work independently and, like all other content, can be sold using our add-on e-Commerce module.
Upload any content or media, set the delivery schedule and automate deployment. "Smart" delivery options allow members to only receive the next content module once they've completed their current homework.
With a full friends and groups system, your clients will connect with other members quickly. Through a customizable privacy system, members can enjoy private relationships with their coach and with other members at their own comfort level.
Members can exchange personal and group messages. Familiar features including Gmail style 'starring', clean-up tools, and customizable SMTP notifications.
You have the ability to sell anything -- shipped goods or digital products -- including your courses and paid membership options. Our system is completely secure, integrates with Paypal and offers full transaction archiving.
Goals and milestones allow you to track results and share ideas with other members or your coach(es). You can even reward yourself with a goal or milestone accomplishment! The system will email you automatic reminders as milestones come due.
Surveys can be based on multiple choice, 1-through-10, or true / false. The results can be visually compared to other members or over time.
Expand your company by training new coaches and admins. Create sample journals and invite your new coaches to create faux replies which the group can then analyze and discuss.
All of the site's important sections, including journals, members and goals have unified search functionality. Coaches can quickly isolate content and members using our Smart search options.
If you already have an email list or a database of members from another service, you can now import and export your users and contacts. You can isolate by groups and member types for custom email campaigns.
Identifying and Serving the Needs of Coaches
There are plenty of marketing tools available online, but there is only one that has been designed exclusively for coaches, regardless of genre or industry. We make it easy for non-technical people to launch a professional marketing campaign..

Marketing Tools
Create and publish assessments to gather information from potential clients. Assessments are a great lead-generator and perfect for attracting potential clients. Questions types can include yes / no, multiple choice, radio buttons, 1-through-10 and text.
Create an audience using our Newsletter builder. Articles are automatically formatted for both online and email distribution. You can also use your Newsletter send-out to collect email addresses for future promotions.
Host your own seminar (web or telephone) or live event through our Events system. Create promotional landing pages and automate event registration. Promotional emails and last minute reminders are automatically created and sent.
Create your own beautiful custom pages using our design elements and style. We have ready-to-go modules, including email sign-up forms, testimonials, and more.
Become part of our optional social network and connect with other clients. You can share members, journals, and/or message boards with other sites.
It's your site, clearly.
Every color and piece of text is customizable. Its your site and you can make it look any way you want. Maintain the look and feel of your existing website, ensuring that your members will feel safe and secure and in a recognizable environment.

Customization Tools
Make your site look and feel exactly how YOU want. No HTML skills are needed to change menu colors, background image, and overall look and feel. Should you desire, full CSS editing is available.
Almost every piece of text is customizable, making your site a unique experience. You can translate to any language, or alter the wording to create a different experience for your members! Furthermore, every email communication template (i.e., "Your Course is starting") is fully customizable.
Both your Member's navigation bar (top) and your secondary Custom navigation bar (bottom) are fully customizable and can link to your current web properties. You can also add your Custom Pages to either (or both) navigation bars with the click of a button.
Upload your own logo and automatically resize, trim white space, and add transparency.
Almost every field (gender, name, age, etc..) can be modified or even removed, based on your needs. Custom fields can be built and added to the profile page. Optionally, privacy controls can be inherited and further modified by each member.

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