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Rich Profile Pages
Our profiles pages are specifically designed for coaching, containing information and privacy tools that enhance the experience for both members and coaches. The pages can be customized to include as much or little information as you wish.
Combined with the following features
Social Networking
As you add Friends to your profile, view your list and modify it at will. Edit or delete your list at any time.
Manage Members
Sort your Members by course, site, assessments, lists and more. Add, delete, search or edit your members' information.
Smart Search
Search for your members by username or actual name; you will see their status (ie- member, coach etc) for quick and easy identification. Note: Members can only search by username.
Customizable Profile Creation
Edit your Profile information. Change/edit your username, email address, personal and demographic info etc.
Messaging Alerts
Set your notification delivery to your site inbox and your external email for Friends, bookmarks, Courses and Clients; you can have notifications delivered Daily, Instantly or Never, and you can choose delivery to your email, your site mailbox, or both.
Privacy with Confidence
Set you Privacy choices for who can see your Profile and set your default Privacy for who can see your Journal entries. Journal entry privacy can be modified on the My Journal page at time of submission.
Online Alerts
Get notified whenever someone logs in to the site. Find out when a friend, client or member has logged in.

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