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Every word is up to you
Every single word on the client-side has been painstakingly programmed to be customizable, including different languages. Our system allows you to quickly isolate the text you are looking for and make the changes you need.
Combined with the following features
Industry Standard 'Liquid Codes'
We utilize the proven {{ Liquid }} code system to customize all your emails and templates. Your codes are automatically replaced with the correct content. For example {{ Seminar.Title }} will be replaced with "Career Building, Summer Session".
Parlez-vous Français?
With just a few clicks, translate every single word on your coaching site! Every email template, text on the member client pages, and every custom form will be automatically translated into one of dozens of languages.
Save & Test Changes
Don't lose your progress when you decide to make changes. Our archiving system allows you to save as many copies as you wish and revert when needed. Our own templates are always available.

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