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features // Seminars and Events

Host a Seminar Event
Create and host your own event -- teleseminar, live event, and webinar functionality makes it easy! Once you create your event(s), the system will auto-generate links for you to use wherever you wish.
Combined with the following features
Grant Access and Manage Participants
Check back to see an updated list of participants. Once registered, participants will receive auto-responders with time, date and call-in info, along with a follow-up reminder just before the event.
Multiple Event Types
Choose from Teleseminars, Live Events and Webinars. Each option will generate the appropriate fields to fill in, ensuring your participants have all the information they need.
Listen to Past Seminars
JournalEngine™ automatically organizes and lists the uploaded audios from past events, giving people a chance to catch up on anything they might have missed or been unable to attend.
Automatic Reminders
Use preselected messaging or create your own, to remind participants of upcoming events. You can send reminders to entire lists,or just the people who have signed up or confirmed attendance.

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