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features // Privacy Controls

Built from the ground up for Privacy
Every function on JournalEngine is built on a privacy platform that ensure members and coaches can communicate with confidence. Privacy settings from courses and members are combined to provide a guided path. As well, our databases encrypt personal information for your protection.
Combined with the following features
Journal Privacy
Journals can have privacy settings ranging from everyone, including Facebook liking, to just the member itself. The site administrator has the ability to customize which privacy options are available with the member making the final decision.
Course Privacy
Courses have the ability to override which journal privacy settings are available. On top of that, issues such as public commenting, editing privileges, and file / member access can be fine-tuned.
Profile Privacy
Profile information collection is based on your preferences. You can collect as little or much information from your members as you wish with each question having custom privacy settings. Members have control over who has access to their profile, which can be their friends, coaches, or everyone.

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