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Build and Send Newsletters
Create newsletters and articles to send to your members and databases. Create a series of articles or regular updates that allow your clients and users to keep up with the goings-on at your company.
Combined with the following features
Send to your site, an email list, or to a course
Send your newsletter to your site, to a specific course or courses, to an existing database or to individual members. Send right from the Newsletter function or from the central Message delivery hub.
Create an article once, use often
Create Articles for your Newsletter(s) -- once it's created the first time, simply add or re-add it to any existing or future Newsletters
Organize Authors
Organize the authors of your articles, along with pictures and member info. You can also include photos and names of your authors in the newsletter simply by entering their name in the Author field. Pictures, if applicable, will upload automatically into the newsletter.

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