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features // Email & Messaging

Privacy driven Communication Tools
Send messages to your databases, your site members, specific clients or courses and more. Multiple recipients and message delivery scheduling are just a few functions available to you in our privacy centric communication system.
Combined with the following features
Integrated Commenting
All visible comments for a journal will appear for you every time you access that journal, whether on the Journals tab or in your site inbox. Keep up to speed with all the dialogue pertaining to a specific journal or journals any time.
Email Templates
Use our vast array of default Email templates, or customize them to suit your own messaging or voice. Email Templates are sent by your site to notify clients of a variety of actions, like "You have New Homework" or "You have received a comment" or "Here are your daily Journals".
Notifications & Alerts
Decide which site notifications you would like to have sent to your external email address. Note: The system will send these notifications to the address listed in your Profile.
Advanced Message Search
Search your site Mailbox for messages. You can search by Journal Alerts, Homework messaging, Site notifications, or even by personal (member to member) messages.
Quick Clean-Up
Easy clean up of your mail. Sort by Auto messages, site notifications, personal messages and more?

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