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features // Homework & File Delivery

Rich Editor with File Integration
Homework can include rich Html and graphics to air your lesson plan. Our internal Files system allows you to store files, images and more within your site for easy access and image uploads.
Combined with the following features
Easily Accessible for Members
Open your My Journal page and journal to the pre-selected homework prompt (select your course from the left-hand dropdown if you're in more than one); use the right-hand dropdown to choose a previous homework from that course if you wish to journal to a past assignment.
Homework Messaging Integration
Members can receive homework alerts right in their message box and email address. Formatting and search functionality remain intact and journals can be created right away.
Search And Export
Search for specific homeworks by content, associated courses, or author in the Homework repository; save/export your search results into .pdf, .csv,. txt and more.
Automated Delivery
Set your preferred delivery dates either manually or automatically -- use our advanced homework import form to assign multiple homeworks to a session or leave a session blank to allow for free-form journaling.
Create once, use often
Create the homework just once. Then recall it when creating new courses to place copies where you want them. The system automatically makes the copy so all you have to do is select the homework and assign it!

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