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features // Self-Guided & Team Courses

Scheduled and Self-Guided Courses
Courses are the primary way coaches interact with their members. Scheduled courses require a Head coach and have a start and end date Self-Guided courses have no start and end date but rather receive homework based on dynamic sessions.
Combined with the following features
Homework Delivery
Homework is delivered based on the session it is placed into, and on the assigned date (for Scheduled courses). For Self-Guided, the homework follows the assigned delivery pattern (ie- delivered every 6 days for 7 sessions).
Manage with Ease
Edit the homework, change the delivery date, modify the delivery schedule -- it's all available at the click of a mouse, making your delivery program easy and efficient.
Group Messaging
Pre-programmed and automated (and yes, you can customize the messaging!), JournalEngine™ delivers a series of action-based notifications to both Admin and user. Messages notifications alert the user to a new course, a journal from a friend or course member, comments made on their journals and more!
Sell your Courses
Use our incredible E-commerce module to promote and sell your products. Choose from one-time payments, recurring subscriptions, and even include trial periods if you wish. All e-commerce options include the ability to create coupons and special offers.
Privacy & Security
Allow your clients to set their privacy for each journal, or preset their default privacy options to ensure you, as their coach, get maximum results, and they, as clients, get maximum protection.
Customize Alerts
All members can decide how (and if) they wish to receive alerts and notifications. Their Profile page has both an Email notification and Journal Alert notification option available to them with a variety of combinations and options.

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