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Engage your clients through Journaling
Implementing journaling into the life coaching process enriches the client experience in a profound and unparalleled way. Journals can be associated with specific groups, includes alerts and is integrated into our communication system.
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Combined with the following features
It's not just about the journaling. Respond to your clients' journals with comments and create an integrated reciprocal environment which helps to guide them until your next call!
Daily Journal Alerts
Every day you will automatically receive a summary of the journals posted by your clients, friends, and course members right into your email account. Journal Alerts can be set to instantly or daily, are complete customizable, and allow for instant commenting right in your internal message.
Search and Feed
Search for past journals by course, client, friends or even by most comments or 'likes'. You can also search by member.
Deep Privacy Controls
Set the privacy level for each and every journal. Decide if this particular journal should be seen by your coach, course members, your friends, or the entire site. You can share your Journals on Facebook by others. Admins set initial settings but authors always have final decision.
Review by a Coach
The Journal Review Request option allows you, the coach, to connect with those members who are 'doing it on their own'. This option allows a member to send a particular journal, at their discretion, to a coach for review which you can convert to a lead for further services.

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